Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

For many people, cats are the perfect pet. They’re cuddly, they’re independent, and they love to lounge around all day. But what about cats that live in dark places? For some cats, like black cats, for example, the dark can be downright terrifying. Why? Because it’s not just their surroundings that are changeable; it’s their perception of those surroundings as well. In this blog post, we will explore how darkness affects cats and why some may be scared of it. We will also provide tips on how to help your cat adjust to darker environments and make them more comfortable in them.

What are some myths about cats and the dark?

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

There are a lot of myths about cats and the dark, but here are three that are probably false.

1. Cats don’t like the dark.

This myth is probably false because cats enjoy playing in the dark just like humans do. In fact, some scientists believe that cats use darkness to their advantage when stalking prey.

2. Cats can’t see in the dark.

Again, this myth is probably false because plenty of animals – including humans – can’t see very well in complete darkness. However, cats have a special ability known as “night vision” which allows them to see in low-light conditions better than most people do.

3. Cats get scared of the dark because they’re prey animals.

This one is definitely not true! A lot of cats actually enjoy being alone in the dark because it gives them an opportunity to hunt without distractions. Plus, many people who own cats say that their kitties never seem scared or afraid of the dark

Cats are active at night

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

Cats are active at night, and this activity may be because they are afraid of the dark. A study published in the journal Animal Behaviour found that when cats were placed in a dark room, they showed increased activity and decreased latency to move. This suggests that cats are scared of the dark, or at least afraid of being alone in the dark.

Cats are nocturnal animals

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

Cats are nocturnal animals, meaning they predominantly hunt and eat at night. This means that they are naturally scared of the dark. While some cats may be able to adjust to darkness relatively well, others will likely be scared and hide when the lights go out.

Cats need darkness for hunting and stalking prey

Cats need darkness for hunting and stalking prey. They can’t see as well in bright light, so they rely on their night vision to track down their prey. In the wild, cats typically hunt at night or in dark areas. Domestic cats also enjoy a good stalk and pounce on their prey during the twilight hours.

How do cats see in the dark?

Cats have a fourth eyelid that can help them see in the dark. This lid slides down to protect the eye when the cat is startled or in darkness. Cats also have a layer of fat between their skin and muscle that helps them stay warm in cold weather.

Do cats need light to stay healthy?

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

There is some debate over whether cats need light to stay healthy, but the majority of experts believe that they do. Cats prefer to spend their time in areas with plenty of natural light, so having a window or door that opens into a sunny room is ideal for them. In addition, providing a few pieces of furniture with a light on them (like an end table) will help make sure your cat has enough artificial light during the night.

Some cats may be scared of the dark

There are many theories about why cats may be scared of the dark. Some believe that cats are naturally nocturnal animals and may be more afraid of the dark because it is associated with predators. Other people think that our feline friends may be reacting to a traumatic experience they had while in the dark. Whatever the reason, there are some cats who just don’t enjoy being in the dark and will react negatively if given the chance. If your cat is one of these, you’ll need to take measures to make sure they’re safe during nighttime hours.

Tips to help your cat adjust to living in a darker environment

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

When your cat moves into a darker environment, they may be scared and feel insecure. Here are some tips to help them adjust:

1) Keep the new environment as comfortable as possible for your cat. This means providing plenty of hiding places, toys, and food to keep them occupied and happy.

2) Start by gradually introducing your cat to the new surroundings. Walk around the room with them, or have them sit in a specific spot and let them explore on their own. Gradually move them further into the room, until they’re comfortable being there all alone.

3) If your cat is struggling, provide extra attention and love during this transition period. Offer them soft blankets, cuddles, and treats to help ease their anxiety.

Can cats be scared of the dark?

Are Cats Scared of The Dark?

There is no definitive answer to this question as cats are individuals and may react differently to dark environments. Some cats may enjoy the dark and feel safe in it, while others may be scared or anxious. If your cat seems scared or anxious in the dark, there is probably something underlying the behavior that you should investigate. One possibility is that your cat is experiencing night terrors, a disorder characterized by intense fear or terror during sleep. If you think your cat might be suffering from night terrors, see a vet for help.


There is a common misconception that cats are scared of the dark. However, this is not actually true. In fact, most cats enjoy spending time in the dark because it allows them to sneak up on their prey undetected. Plus, cats who live indoors often spend a lot of time in total darkness, so they are used to it.


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