Learn in 5 minutes about Cryotherapy for Horses

Cryotherapy comes from the Greek word cryo, meaning cold, and therapy meaning treatment. So literally, Cryotherapy for horses is a cold therapy treatment.

There are two types of Cryotherapy: whole body cryotherapy (WBC) and localized Cryotherapy. Localized Cryotherapy involves treating a specific body area with freezing temperatures. It can be done with ice packs.

Cryotherapy for horses

What is Cryotherapy for Horses and How Does it Work?

Cryotherapy, also famous as cold therapy, is a popular treatment for various injuries and conditions. By exposing the body to freezing temperatures.

Cryotherapy can help to Reduce 


Improve blood circulation, 

Promote Healing,

Speed up recovery,

Relief from pain,

  • Cryotherapy for horses is a treatment that uses cold temperatures to help improve horse health.
  • It can also help to improve horse circulation and increase horse mobility. Cryotherapy is often used to treat horse injuries but can also be used for preventative care.
  • Many horse owners use Cryotherapy as part of their regular health care routine.
  • It typically involves using ice packs or cold water immersion.
  • The duration of cryotherapy treatments can vary, but most treatments last 20-30 minutes.

Cryotherapy for horses sessions is typically conducted 2-3 times per week. Some horse owners may do daily cryotherapy sessions. If their horse is injured or recovering from surgery. Cryotherapy treatments for horses are generally safe and effective.

Cryotherapy for horses

How to use Cryotherapy for horses?

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic technique that involves the use of cold temperatures to treat a variety of conditions. While it is most commonly used to relieve pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy can also be used to improve blood circulation and encourage heal.

It can treat injuries, joint problems, and muscle soreness. Cold temperatures help reduce inflammation and pain and promote Healing by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Cryotherapy for horses can be applied using ice packs, cold water therapy, or cryotherapy chambers. When using ice packs or cold water therapy, it is essential to wrap the area in a towel or blanket to protect the skin from frostbite.

Cryotherapy chambers are designed for equine use and provide a controlled environment for applying cold temperatures. If you are interested in using Cryotherapy to treat your horse, speak with your veterinarian first.

The benefits of Cryotherapy for Horses

  • By exposing the body to freezing temperatures. Cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and promote Healing.
  • Cryotherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. And many athletes use it to speed up recovery from training and competition. However, Cryotherapy is not just for humans, it can also be used to treat horses.
  • Cryotherapy for horses has several benefits, including reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • In addition, Cryotherapy can help to increase the range of motion.
  • As a result, Cryotherapy can be an effective treatment for various injuries and conditions in horses. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to treat your horse’s injuries, Cryotherapy may be the answer.

The Risks and Side Effects of Cryotherapy for Horses

Cryotherapy is a popular treatment for horses, but it’s not without its risks. Cryotherapy involves exposing the horse to freezing temperatures, typically -110 degrees Celsius.

 The horse is placed in a Cryochamber for three minutes, during which time the body temperature drops significantly. Cryotherapy is thought to have several benefits for horses, including reducing inflammation, improving Circulation, and promoting Healing. However, Cryotherapy also carries some risk of side effects, including frostbite and tissue damage.

In addition, Cryotherapy can be pretty expensive, and it’s not always covered by insurance. As a result, it’s essential to weigh the risks and benefits of Cryotherapy before deciding if it’s suitable for your horse.

Precautions to take when using Cryotherapy for Horses

Cryotherapy can be used for various conditions, including arthritis and tendonitis. While Cryotherapy is generally considered safe, a few precautions should be taken when using this treatment on horses.

  • First, it is essential to have a trained professional administer the treatment.
  • Second, the horse’s head should be protected from cold temperatures.
  • Third, the horse should be monitored closely during and after the treatment.

It can effectively relieve pain and inflammation in horses. But it is essential to take proper precautions when using this treatment.

Cryotherapy for Horses Machines and Equipment

Cryotherapy can be performed using ice packs or Cryotherapy machines. These machines work by circulating cold Air around the affected area. It helps to numb the area and reduce swelling.

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for horses. It can help to improve performance, reduce recovery time, and relieve pain and inflammation. There are a variety of Cryotherapy machines on the market, so it is essential to find one specifically designed for horses.

If you are looking for a machine specifically designed for horses, you should check out the Cryotherapy machines from L statewide Cryo. L statewide Cryo has various devices specifically developed for horses. They offer a wide range of features and benefits. This is an effective treatment for horses.

Cryotherapy for horses

Cryotherapy in the Equine Industry Today

This is a popular treatment option in the equine industry today. This non-invasive therapy uses freezing temperatures to help relieve pain and inflammation in horses. Cryotherapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament injuries.

The therapy works by reducing swelling and inflammation, which can help to improve horse performance. Cryotherapy is also thought to stimulate the release of endorphins, which can help horses to feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, Cryotherapy is a relatively safe and low-risk treatment option for horses, making it an attractive choice for many owners and trainers.

Cost and Availability of Cryotherapy for Horses

Cold packs are less expensive and easier to use than ice baths, but they only provide temporary relief. Ice baths are more effective but must be carefully monitored to avoid freezing the horse’s skin. Cryotherapy treatments are generally safe and well tolerated by horses, but they can be expensive.

Cryotherapy treatments typically cost between $50 and $100 per session, and most horses require multiple sessions per week. As a result, the cost of Cryotherapy can add up quickly. Fortunately, many insurance companies will cover at least part of the cost of cryotherapy treatments for horses.

Cryotherapy for Horses Myths Busted

Cryotherapy for horses is a relatively new treatment modality gaining popularity in the equine world. Although Cryotherapy is effective in humans, there is still some debate as to whether or not it is effective in horses. Some people believe that Cryotherapy can help to improve a horse’s overall health and well-being, while others think it is nothing more than a fad. Separate myth from fact, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common myths about Cryotherapy for horses.

Myth #1: Cryotherapy is painful for horses.

Fact: Cryotherapy is not painful for horses. Many horses enjoy the cold sensation and find it soothing. Cryotherapy can also relieve horses suffering from arthritis or other types of joint pain.

Myth #2: Cryotherapy is only beneficial for competitive athletes.

Fact: Cryotherapy can be beneficial for any horse, regardless of whether or not they are competitive athletes. Cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation.

Myth #3: Cryotherapy is expensive.

Fact: Cryotherapy is not necessarily expensive. The cost of Cryotherapy will depend on the equipment used and the length of time that the horse spends in the chamber. However, many people believe that the benefits of Cryotherapy outweigh the cost.

As you can see, many myths about Cryotherapy for horses are circulating. However, when you separate myth from fact, you can see that Cryotherapy is a safe and effective treatment modality that can benefit all horses.

Myth 4: Cryotherapy is only effective for acute injuries.

Cryotherapy can be used to treat both acute and chronic injuries. The rapid temperature decrease helps reduce inflammation and pain, speeding up the healing process. In horses with chronic wounds, Cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation and improve joint function.

Myth 5: Cryotherapy is only effective when used immediately after an injury.

Though Cryotherapy is often used after an injury, it can be helpful at any stage of the healing process. The treatment can help to reduce inflammation, improve Circulation, and speed up tissue repair. In some cases, it may help prevent future injuries by strengthening the muscles and connective tissues around the joints.

Myth 6: Cryotherapy is only safe for use on healthy horses.

Cryotherapy is safe for use on horses of all ages and health levels. The treatment does not require anaesthesia or drugs, and there are no known side effects. As long as the horse can tolerate the cold temperature, Cryotherapy can be an effective treatment option.

With its wide range of benefits, Cryotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for horse owners. 

FAQs About Cryotherapy for Horses

Q#1 Cryotherapy Temperature


The temperature for Cryotherapy can vary depending on what is being treated. For horses, the treatment is typically done at around -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius).

Q#2 Is Cryotherapy colder than an ice bath?


The simple answer is yes; Cryotherapy is much colder than an ice bath. However, there are some important nuances to consider. Firstly, an ice bath invests a lot of energy into cooling the water down to a shallow temperature and then requires significant effort to keep all that cold water from melting. On the other hand, a cryotherapy chamber uses liquid nitrogen or another icy gas to quickly cool down the Air around you without any melt risk. All the Chambers are built, sealed and insulated incredibly well.

Second, while both will cool you down significantly (and thus provide many of the same benefits), the mechanisms by which they do so are different. An ice bath will primarily reduce your body temperature through conduction.

Q#3 Cryo Chamber temperature Celsius


The temperature in a cryotherapy chamber for horses is typically between -110 and -130 degrees Celsius. This low temperature can help to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in horses. It can also help to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and speed up the healing process after an injury.

Q#4 Handheld Cryotherapy Device for Horses


You may have heard of Cryotherapy for humans – it’s a therapy that involves exposing the body to frigid temperatures to promote Healing. But did you know that Cryotherapy can also be used for horses?

There are several reasons why horse owners might want to consider using a handheld cryotherapy device on their animals. For instance, Cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation and swelling, easing joint pain and stiffness. 

One of the great things about using a handheld cryotherapy device is that it’s completely non-invasive – there’s no need for injections or surgeries. And because the therapy is brief (usually only lasting 10-15 minutes).

Q#6 Cryotherapy for Horses Tendons


Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures to improve health and well-being. When applied correctly, Cryotherapy can be an effective way to treat tendon injuries in horses. By reducing inflammation and promoting Healing, Cryotherapy can help horses recover more quickly from tendon injuries.

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