7 Reasons Why Shih Tzu Are The Worst Dogs?

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dogs? Shih Tzus may be cute, but they are definitely not the best pets out there. From their tendency to bark and chew all day long, shed a lot of furs, and follow you around non-stop. These dogs can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention that these little furballs require an extensive amount of daily grooming routine which some people don’t have time for.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 7 reasons why Shih Tzus are often considered one of the worst dog breeds. From their destructive behavior to stubborn personalities. We’ll address it all so that you can make an informed decision about this notoriously tiny breed. Before bringing them into your home. Let’s get started.

The Chinese say ‘sher-zer’ weighing between 9 to 16 pounds. It stands between 8 and 11 inches, and is surprisingly solid for dogs their size.

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dog?

Are you thinking about adding a loyal companion to your family? If so, then the Shih Tzu could be an attractive option. After all, they are frequently cited as one of the cutest dog breeds. But before you jump into any decisions regarding this breed. It’s important to consider that a Shih Tzu isn’t for everyone. Many believe that Shih Tzus can make quite annoying pets. Because of their independent temperament and mischievous streak. Keep reading to find out why some think these cuddly creatures could be considered the worst dogs around.

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dog?

Unwavering loyalty – Shih Tzu’s are known for their unwavering loyalty and can become extremely possessive of their owners

Shih Tzus are beloved all over the world for their incredibly loyal and trusting character. Once a Shih Tzu attached itself to its owner. It will never forget them and will stay fiercely protective and insatiably devoted to them. It is no wonder they often become extremely possessive even of other members of the same household. This means that from day one, it is important to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Otherwise, you’ll end up struggling with unruly behaviour and unpredictable naughtiness down the line! Through consistency and clear boundaries, however, you can enjoy rewarding experiences full of unconditional love – something else these quirky little dogs do so well.

Shedding – Much like other dogs, Shih Tzu’s come with a lot of shedding which can be difficult to manage. If you don’t have time to brush them regularly.

Shedding is an unfortunate but natural part of owning a pet, especially the Shih Tzu. Thus, if you are considering welcoming one into your home, it is important to be prepared for regular hair-care sessions or some unwelcome guests in the form of dog fur all over your house. All dogs require regular brushing and depending on their fur type, they may need more frequent brushing than others. In particular, Shih Tzu’s have a luxurious coat that will shed unless regularly groomed and brushed which takes time and commitment. Therefore, it is essential to factor in the cost of grooming when deciding upon welcoming a four-legged family member into your life.

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dog?

Barking – They bark excessively and can cause a problem in an apartment setting or with neighbours.

A common issue that many apartment dwellers and homeowners face is the sound of barking dogs. This can be extremely irritating, especially when the barking occurs frequently and at long intervals. Barking is a natural response for dogs, signalling both excitement and distress. However, it can be frustrating when they bark excessively – not only to you but also to your neighbours.

If you have an excessive barker on your hands, it’s important to find ways to reduce their chances of causing a noise nuisance in your neighbourhood. Luckily there are many creative strategies you can take to help the dog feel secure and reduce their behaviour. Such as providing a distraction with toys or treats, and keeping them active throughout the day. Utilizing calming music or white noise, or providing comfort with a pet bed or blanket.

Not Good With Children – Due to their small size, they are not ideal around children who may unintentionally hurt the dog.

Chihuahuas are undeniably adorable, however, their small size does not make them ideal for households with young children. Even though Chihuahuas typically possess the bold personality common among terrier breeds, these dogs may be too delicate to handle playtime with energetic youngsters. Moreover, parents must take into account that certain behaviours which may appear harmless may actually cause harm to this breed’s tiny body or even shock them due to their heightened sensitivity. While Chihuahuas may warm up to an older child who has patience and is gentler in their interactions with the pooch. They are nevertheless not a good fit for families with small children.

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dog?

Expensive Vet Bills – As with any breed, Shih Tzu’s require yearly vet visits and lots of grooming which can be expensive over time.

Caring for a Shih Tzu can become quite expensive, especially when considering the yearly vet bills and regular grooming that is necessary for their health and happiness. Finding inexpensive yet quality veterinary care is key to saving money. As well as understanding which type of grooming your pet needs so you can make sure to adhere to a regular but budget-friendly maintenance schedule. So start by researching your local options to find the most affordable solutions. Doing so will keep energy levels high and your wallet full.

Grooming Requirements. This breed requires regular brushing and grooming. Due to the long hair that often gets tangled and matted easily.

The long and luxurious fur of this breed may look beautiful, but its grooming requirements can be time-consuming. To keep the fur healthy, regular brushing and grooming are essential to prevent tangles and knots in the hair which are not only uncomfortable for your pup but also difficult to remove. Taking a little extra time on each grooming session will pay off. When it comes to maintaining its coat in good condition. It might seem like a lot of work but with patience, you can make sure that your beloved pet’s fur remains soft and luscious.

Short Lifespan. Unfortunately, this breed has an average lifespan of just 8-10 years. Making it hard to bond deeply with one particular pup.

Although owning a pup of this breed can be very rewarding, its short lifespan is always a difficult reality to grapple with. The knowledge that one’s beloved pup may not live long enough to experience the full joys of growing old together can be very heartbreaking. It can also be hard to fully commit emotional time and energy to a particular furry friend. When you know that it won’t stay around for very long. That said, you can still create beautiful memories and form a deep bond with such a pup in its limited amount of time. So don’t hesitate to give this breed all your love.

Why Shih Tzu Is The Worst Dog


In the end, Shih Tzus can be a rewarding breed to own, but they require plenty of dedication from their owners. The unwavering loyalty and companionship these animals offer are unparalleled and should not be understated. However, due to their small size and excessive barking, they may be unsuitable for certain households or environmental requirements.

Additionally, vet bills and grooming can add up quickly as the animals are only expected to live for 8-10 years. So perhaps this breed might not be ideal if you’re expecting a lifelong companion. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice and dedication to whether a Shih Tzu will fit your lifestyle. If you feel like this is the fur baby that could make you happy. Then go out and give one of these fantastic animals a good home.

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