How Long Will a Bird Stuck in a Chimney Take To Die?

It’s heartbreaking when a bird finds itself stuck in a chimney and unable to get out. This is an all-too-common occurrence that can leave pet owners feeling helpless and desperate for answers. In this blog post, we will answer the question – how long does it take for a bird stuck in a chimney to die?

What Are the Causes of Birds Getting Stuck in Chimneys?

There are many causes of birds getting stuck in chimneys, but the most common one is when they mistake the dark interior as a safe place to rest or build their nests. They may also be attracted by the warm atmosphere and cozy crevices offered by these structures, particularly during colder months. Unfortunately, they often find themselves trapped inside once they realize there’s no easy way out!

How Long Will a Bird Stuck in a Chimney Take To Die?

What Can You Do if Your Bird is Stuck in Your Chimney?

The first thing you should do if your bird is stuck in your chimney remains calm. It’s important not to panic, as this can make the situation more difficult for both yourself and your feathered friend! Secondly, call your local animal shelter or wildlife rescue centre for tips on how best to free them from their predicament. If you are able to reach them (it might take some skill!), then gently remove them from the chimney and safely release them into the wild again.

How Long Will A Bird Stuck Inside A Chimney Take To Die?

Unfortunately, due to a lack of oxygen and food available inside most chimneys; it usually won’t take long for a bird stuck inside one to pass away. Depending on the size of the bird as well as what type it is; death can occur within hours or even minutes if not rescued soon enough! Additionally, if temperatures are especially cold they may succumb to hypothermia before running out of oxygen completely.

How Long Will a Bird Stuck in a Chimney Take To Die?


It’s sad but true that birds often find themselves accidentally stuck inside chimneys without any way of escape – leading ultimately towards their demise unless saved quickly enough! Always keep an eye out when using your fireplace & be sure to take immediate action if you notice any signs that indicate something has gotten lodged up there before too much time passes by!

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