Protests in India following the Rahul Gandhi disqualification for insulting the Prime Minister Modi

A court in the western Indian state of Gujarat accuses the leader of the opposition Indian Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, of insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Officials of the opposition Indian Congress party announced that its supporters will take to the streets today against Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification. Friday, to protest the conviction of their leader, Rahul Gandhi, on charges of insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi Disqualified

The court convicted Rahul Gandhi for a speech he made in 2019, in which he indicated that the thieves had one surname, Modi.

He made this in an election campaign before the last general election to refute Modi’s economic policies.

India’s Congress leader Rahul Gandhi disqualified from parliament

Rahul Gandhi Disqualification

The court that convicted him is located in the western state of Gujarat. He was released on bail and suspended the execution of the sentence for a month.

This gave Gandhi time to appeal the verdict. But he risks being stripped of his eligibility to enter parliament immediately after his conviction.

Two prominent figures in the Congress party told Reuters that Gandhi would respect the court’s ruling and would not attend parliament sessions.

“Rahul Gandhi’s membership suspend for the time being. But we will appeal the ruling to ensure that he can attend the sessions of Parliament,” said a member of the federal parliament, who is also a prominent figure in the Congress party.

Congress officials indicated that they also relied on local opposition parties to mobilize political support against Gandhi’s sentence.

The office of the country’s president Draupadi Mormo confirmed that party leaders had sought a meeting with her to lodge a protest against the conviction with the highest constitutional executive.

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