T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant. Save Your 1000 Dollar

If you are a dairy farmer, you know the importance of keeping your cows’ teats dry and free from bacteria. Mastitis is a serious problem that can cost farmers thousands of dollars in lost milk production and veterinary bills. T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is an economical way to help prevent mastitis by sealing the Cow’s teats against bacteria. It is a low-drip sealant that helps clean the parlor floor and reduces waste. Farmers who use T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant report excellent results in preventing mastitis and saving money on milk production costs. Give it a try on your farm today.

  • Protects teat from bacteria migration.
  • The coating dries and securely plugs the teat opening.
  • Easy to use; safe for herd and herdsmen.

Packaging: 32 oz bottle

Active Ingredient or Composition

Ethyl Alcohol (53% w/w),      Triclosan 0.1%

Detail Description. T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant.

You are introducing the T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant. The simple, safe way to protect your herd from bacteria during crucial dry and pre-calving periods.

T-Hexx’s revolutionary alcohol-based formula acts as a uniform barrier for up to 7 days, depending on bedding and environmental conditions. Our exclusive patented formulation is thick enough to do it and not run off when exposed to urine, manure, or other liquids. It is long-lasting and easy to use, too – spray the teats with T-Hexx and let them dry completely. That’s all it takes.

Unlike other products in the market, our teat sealant technology contains cosmetic-grade polymers. That adheres reliably under pressure or stress better than its competitors for maximum protection against coliform infections. It is the most dangerous time for your livestock. It provides a complete sanitizing experience that lets you stay one step ahead of any potential pests or bacteria. Plus, you can rest assured knowing our formula is gentle on both herd and herdsmen.

When you want complete confidence in knowing your herd is safe from bacterial infections during these vulnerable times, turn to T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant. 

T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant

How does T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant work? 

It offers a unique and able solution to sore teats, and other issues standard dry cow therapy often struggles to resolve. The solution comprises four elements: Natural Milk Replacer, Anti-Mycotic Agent, Keratolytic Agent, and Lidocaine HCL. These ingredients work together synergistically to help mitigate the impact of mastitis and other udder conditions caused by improper hygiene, inflammation, and bacterial infection.

Specifically, the anti-mycotic agent clears out bacteria from the teats, while the keratolytic agent helps reduce teat swelling and protects tender skin from further damage. Finally, the lidocaine HCL helps soothe any pain or discomfort associated with damaged teats so that healing can occur more rapidly. Using this combination of active agents, the T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is one of the most reliable tools available for quickly restoring softness and comfort to traumatized teats.

T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant

Can Cow have T Hexx Dry Teat Sealant?

Cow teats are typically susceptible to chapping, cracking, and other dry skin conditions. Cows can benefit from the tearless dry teat sealant, made explicitly for the teat area of cows. This teat sealant provides extra long-lasting protection for Cow’s teats against harsh environmental conditions.

It helps nourish and condition cows’ sensitive udders while sealing out moisture, which keeps them hydrated and healthy. Furthermore, it is designed with special skin-soothing agents to fill in cracks and cracks to promote maximum healing with protection.

Benefits of T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant.

  • T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is an easy and economical way to save your dairy cows from mastitis during the dry period. 
  • It works by forming a teat barrier preventing bacteria from entering and causing infection. 
  • T-Hexx is available in two convenient sizes – 200ml and 500ml. So you can choose the size that best suits your needs. 
  • Simply apply T-Hexx to the teats after milking and before the cows go out to pasture. 
  • For best results, reapply every few days or as needed. 
  • With T-Hexx, you can rest assured that your cows will stay healthy and happy during the dry period.

T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant

Side Effects 

T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant is an animal care product. It is designed to help protect cows and other animals against external bacteria and dirt. While it has obvious benefits, there are risks associated with its use that farmers should consider before applying the sealant. Improper application may lead to irritation of the teat and possible infection.

Also, serious health problems can occur if calves or other animals are inadvertently ingested. Finally, if used too frequently or in extreme weather conditions, it may cause skin cracking from excessive dryness, which also puts the Cow at risk for infection. To protect their livestock, farmers must be aware of the potential risks of using this sealant and applying it according to directions.

How to use T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant?

Giving your cattle it is a simple, fast, and effective way to protect teats from mastitis.

First, the teats should be cleaned and dried with a clean cloth and then air dry. Then, up to four milliliters of T-Hexx can be applied to each quarter by squeezing the contents through the spout with your package.

Afterward, massage the sealant into each teat using an up-and-down motion until completely absorbed. Your herd will find it easy to apply and benefit from the protection it provides for weeks into the future.

Can T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant use? If cows take other Medicine?

Yes, it can use alongside other Medicines.  Although it is always best to consult a veterinarian before making any decisions about the health of your cows. T-Hexx provides long-lasting protection against mastitis, and its unique formula helps to reduce irritation in the teat area.

It forms a protective film over the treated area, sealing and protecting it from potential bacteria and contaminants. This sealant is an important part of a cow’s regular tending routine or post-milking routine to help keep them healthy and protected.

These preventative measures can help lower the risk of developing issues such as mastitis, which can have long-term effects on the herd’s milk production if left unchecked.


Proper dosage is a crucial consideration when using it. Before application, the teats should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to ensure that the sealant adheres appropriately. Then dip the teats directly into the sealant for a few seconds, providing complete coverage of the teat end.

For deeper penetration, the high-powered spray option can also be employed for targeted delivery of the product. Once applied, users need to exercise caution as it is essential to avoid contamination due to prolonged exposure of the treated teats or exposing other animals or equipment before complete drying.

Types of T-Hexx Dry Teat Sealant.

It comes in two distinct types, designed to meet the needs of different situations.

T-Hexx Sterile Dry Teat Sealant is optimal when managing new mastitis infections, as it is fortified with antibiotics and provides an immediate protection barrier.

T-Hexx Regular Dry Teat Sealant prevents bacteria from entering through chapped teats while maintaining the health and wellness of the cows. No matter what you need out of your dry teat sealant choice, T-Hexx will provide results.



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